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About company

Digital Event Manager

The company Digital Marketing Solutions develops technology-based products for interacting with audiences at business events.We help to easily and technologically connect an exhibitor or speaker with visitors.

Our task, and if you want, the mission is the “digitalization” of modern events in the business sphere in order to the modest event to become an attractive, effective and high-conversion event.

Why are we sure that this is important and necessary?

Each event has a specific target: for example, for educational trainings and conferences it is important to bring material to the audience, and for industry or thematic exhibitions to get new clients. The better the organizers manage the audience (both in terms of logistics, and in terms of interest in content / exposure), the easier it is for an event to achieve its target.

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Our solutions help us to understand precisely which expositions in the exhibition pavilion attracted more visitors, and which reports ensured the greatest involvement of those people at the training or conference.

And we continue to move along our path, thinking about what other tools can be offered to the organizers and participants of events to increase their effectiveness.

We will be glad if our developments interest you.